Innovation Project Scorecard: Evidence Trumps Opinion

Added on by Tendayi Viki.

The focus should not just be on products and services when running experiments to test new business ideas. Our focus should be on assessing if we are making progress from our initial idea to a profitable business. Teams need to show hard evidence that a market exists and customers are interested (i.e. desirability), that the required infrastructure can be built and managed (i.e. feasibility), and evidence that the projected revenues and profits are not a fantasy (i.e. viability).  We developed a tool to assess the progress that innovation teams are making in their quest to find business models that work.

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Testing New Business Ideas: Learnings From Owlet [Part 2]

Added on by Frederic Etiemble.

In our first post on key learnings from Owlet we saw how the first few weeks of their entrepreneurial journey illustrate two critical principles: i)  trusting the testing process, not your initial vision and ii) testing desirability first. Let’s come back to OWLET to see how they exemplify three more of our convictions when it comes to de-risking new business ideas.

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Business Model Evolution Using the Portfolio Map

Added on by Alex Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur.

We have been developing our Business Model Portfolio Map for our new book, The Invincible Company. Like all of our tools, we have found that the Portfolio Map is a great storytelling tool. It can be used to show the evolution of a company’s business model  over its lifecycle by measuring risk vs return.

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Entrepreneurship and the Business Model Canvas in Unlikely Places

Added on by Lauren Eve Cantor.

Entrepreneurs are often thought of as trailblazers, job creators and economic boosters. The skills entrepreneurs derive from building their business ideas often trickle down into how they build their lives and interact with society. What if we could instill the confidence of an entrepreneur into the most isolated in our society? One shining example is the Leonhard program which teaches Innovation and Business Creation in prisons in Germany and uses the Business Model Canvas as a tool for innovation.

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Help Us Prototype our Newest Course: Testing by Strategyzer

Added on by Strategyzer.

Testing by Strategyzer, our newest online course, will walk you through the process of reducing risk and uncertainty around any new business idea.  We are in the midst of developing the course, and we wanted to offer you a unique opportunity to co-create the course with the makers of the Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Design.  We have a limited number of licenses for the first 300 users that take us up on our offer to beta test the course.

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Strategyzer Masterclasses: Learn What It Takes to Create a World-Class Innovation Engine

Added on by Alexander Osterwalder.

Learning by doing can help you innovate successfully and hosting the Strategyzer Masterclasses are among my favorite engagements for creating a hands-on innovation experience. It’s incredibly rewarding to help participants understand state-of-the-art of innovation practices and apply them successfully in their own companies.

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